Belfast Blitz: Bombs on East Belfast

Luftwaffe bombs on East Belfast fell on the industrial heart of the city and surrounding residential areas during the Belfast Blitz of April and May 1941.

Areas affected by the Luftwaffe bombs in 1941

The following areas sustained great damage during the Belfast Blitz raids that occurred on 15th-16th April 1941 and 4th-5th May 1941.

Map showing Memel Street, Belfast

Memel Street, Belfast


Nothing remains of Memel Street or its neighbouring terraces now. It once stood just off Bridge End in a part of East Belfast devastated by the 1941 Blitz.

Map showing Newcastle Street, Belfast

Newcastle Street, Belfast


Newcastle Street off the Newtownards Road in East Belfast was devastated in the Belfast Blitz of 1941. The top end of the street no longer features on maps.

Map showing Queen’s Road, Belfast

Queen’s Road, Belfast


Queen's Road runs through what is now the Titanic Quarter in East Belfast. In 1941, Luftwaffe bombs rained down on the shipyard area in the Belfast Blitz.

Map showing Ravenscroft Avenue, Belfast

Ravenscroft Avenue, Belfast


Ravenscroft Avenue in East Belfast suffered great damage during the Belfast Blitz. A high explosive bomb left a huge crater in the residential street.

Map showing Thorndyke Street, Belfast

Thorndyke Street, Belfast


Thorndyke Street, Belfast is home to a large mural depicting the history of the area including a section remembering the Belfast Blitz of April 1941.

Map showing Westbourne Street, Belfast

Westbourne Street, Belfast


Westbourne Street in East Belfast suffered great damage as Luftwaffe bombs fell on residential neigbourhoods around the shipyard during the Belfast Blitz.

Bombs on East Belfast

Images captured by Belfast Telegraph photographers in the aftermath of the Belfast Blitz.