On This Day

Find out what happened on this day in World War Two in and around Northern Ireland as well as stories about the men and women of Ulster from 1939-1945.


Events from World War Two that occured in Ulster or involved the people living in Northern Ireland each January between 1939 and the war's end in 1945.


World War Two events from each February between 1939 and 1945 focusing on stories of the men and women of Northern Ireland and the places they called home.


Stories from each March of the years 1939-1945 that help piece together the history of World War Two for the people based in Northern Ireland at the time.


The people of Northern Ireland remember April 1941 as the month that World War Two came to Belfast but there are many more April stories during wartime.

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During World War Two, May 1941 marked the end of the Belfast Blitz and May 1945 the end of the war in Europe but much more happened in Northern Ireland.


The Dunkirk Evacuation, D-Day, and Royal visits to Ulster are among the stories commemorated each June as we remember some major Second World War events.

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July each year marks Canada Day and American Independence Day and a chance to remember the servicemen who called Northern Ireland home during the war.

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In August 1940, R.A.F. personnel from Northern Ireland were among those involved in the Battle of Britain both as Aircrew and working on the ground.


The Second World War began in September 1939. Men and women with connections to Northern Ireland served throughout the duration until 1945.

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Remembering the fallen and events that occurred during the month of October throughout the years of the Second World War in Northern Ireland.

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11th November marks Remembrance Day in Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations, Veterans Day in the United States of America and Polish Independence Day.

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As the year draws to an end in December, we remember the people of Northern Ireland who fought and died every December during the Second World War.