The Kindertransport in Northern Ireland

Kindertransport was the name given to the rescue of young Jews from occupied Europe. During the Second World War, many found a safe haven in Northern Ireland.

During the last week of February 1946, Dakota freight-carrying planes operated by the Royal Air Force landed in Northern Ireland. Onboard were up to 100 young Jewish refugees, survivors of Concentration Camps, and witnesses to unimaginable horrors.

Young Jewish orphans and refugees arrive in Northern Ireland


24th February 1946

On 24th February 1946, a Douglas Dakota plane touched down on an airfield in Northern Ireland. Onboard were 25 Jewish refugees, survivors of Nazi persecution.

Denzil Jacobs and the Jewish Refugees land at Nutts Corner Airfield


25th February 1946

On 25th February 1946, a Dakota piloted by Denzil Jacobs landed at Nutts Corner, Co. Antrim. Onboard were 25 Jewish refugees seeking a safe haven in Ulster.

More Jewish refugees arrive at Sydenham Airfield from Prague


27th February 1946

The Douglas Dakota of Squadron Leader Baker touched down at Sydenham Airfield on 27th February 1946. Onboard were 25 more young Jewish refugees from Prague.