10th October

On 10th October, we remember an airman from New Zealand who died in Co. Tyrone and a church organist killed in the blackout in Co. Armagh.

Remembering the Fallen

John Samuel Hornby


Acting Sublieutenant John Samuel Hornby of Wanganui, New Zealand was 21 years old when his Supermarine Seafire came down in Co. Tyrone on 10th October 1945.

Thomas Norman McConnell

Leading Aircraftman | 1147130

Belfast man Thomas Norman McConnell was training with the Royal Air Force on 10th October 1941 when he died in an aviation accident in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Maria Todd


Mrs. Maria Todd, the organist at Tartarghan Parish Church for over 50 years died following an accident in the blackout on 10th October 1940.