7th October

On 7th October 1943, a War Office photographer visited a Munitions Factory in Northern Ireland along with an Army Demonstration Gun Team.

Factory Workers and Anti-Tank Guns

On 7th October 1943, Lieutenant J.R. Bainbridge photographed workers at a Munitions Factory in Northern Ireland as they observed the working of a 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun in the hands of a British Army Demonstration Gun Team.

Remembering the Fallen

Joseph McWilliams

Aircraftman 1st Class | 632181

Aircraftman 1st Class Joseph McWilliams died on 7th October 1945 when a Stirling transport plane of R.A.F. 299 Squadron came down in France.

Michael Desmond Mulcahy

Able Seaman | D/JX 143657

Able Seaman Michael Desmond Mulcahy died on 7th October 1942 after contracting dysentery as a Prisoner of War on "hell ship" S.S. Lisbon Maru.