8th October

On 8th October 1999, Belfast City Council unveiled a stone memorial to Leading Seaman James Magennis V.C. in the grounds of Belfast City Hall.

Soldiers on the Farm

On 8th October 1942, members of the British Army with little farming experience harvested a 10-acre crop of corn they had sown earlier in the year near an Ordnance Site at Ballygrooby Lodge, Shane's Castle, Randalstown, Co. Antrim.

James Magennis V.C.

On 8th October 1999, Belfast City Council erected a permanent bronze and stone memorial in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. This came after a long campaign by Magennis’ biographer George Fleming and Major SH Pollock. James’ son Paul Magennis attended the ceremony led by Lord Mayor of Belfast Bob Stoker.

Remembering the Fallen

John James Cairns

Lance Corporal | 14416962

Lance Corporal John James Cairns of Ballymena, Co. Antrim died on 8th October 1944 during 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers' time in Italy.

Walter Frederick Rusk

Walter Frederick Rusk

Leading Aircraftman | 966122

Leading Aircraftman Walter Frederick Rusk of Belfast died on 8th October 1940. His need for speed saw him break motorcycling records across Europe.

Belgian Nationals Repatriated

Leon Maton


Private Leon Maton served with 2nd (Yser) Infantry Brigade of the Belgian Army. He died following an illness in Belfast on 9th March 1945.

Joseph van de Craen


Sergeant Joseph van de Craen served of 2nd (Yser) Infantry Brigade, Belgian Army died on 16th March 1945 at Massereene Hospital, Co. Antrim.