Signal Corps

Elements of US Army Signal Corps began to arrive in Northern Ireland on 26th January 1942 on USAT Chateau Thierry. The operated communications for V Corps.

The United States Army Signal Corps is a division of the US Army that manages communications and information systems. They enable the command of combined arms forces. Although it sounds like a modern unit, the USASC dates back to 1860, when formed by Major Albert J Myer, they performed an important role in the American Civil War.

On 9th March 1942, the US Army Signal Corps became one of the technical services in the Services of Supply, later known as Army Service Forces. They served ground forces and also the United States Army Air Force. By this time in 1942, several units of the Signal Corps had already established bases in Northern Ireland.

63rd Signal Battalion

On 26th January 1942, 63rd Signal Battalion were one of the first US Army units to arrive in Northern Ireland, establishing communications for V Corps.