Wartime Lough Neagh

During the Second World War, Lough Neagh was a valuable asset for the military in Northern Ireland who used the waters for training purposes.

Lough Neagh

Northern Ireland

Royal Engineers on the Lough

On 20th October 1941, Lieutenant J.R. Bainbridge photographed members of the Inland Water Transport Royal Engineers on patrol on Lough Neagh.

Waterproofed Vehicle Testing

On 28th February 1944, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Sir Basil Brooke and General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland Lieutenant-General Sir Alan G. Cunningham were among those who observed the demonstration of waterproofed military vehicles at Lady Bay on Lough Neagh.

Wartime Airfields around Lough Neagh

Map showing Cluntoe Airfield, Ardboe, Co. Tyrone

Cluntoe Airfield, Ardboe, Co. Tyrone

Kilmascally Road, Ardboe, Co. Tyrone

Cluntoe Airfield in rural Ardboe, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland saw use by both the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Force during World War Two.

Map showing Long Kesh Airfield, Lisburn, Co. Down

Long Kesh Airfield, Lisburn, Co. Down

Maze, Lisburn, Co. Down

Long Kesh is best known in Northern Ireland as the site of HMP Maze but during World War Two it was a Royal Air Force airfield and hosted the USAAF in 1942.