George Holden Baird

Civilian George Holden Baird, born in Bangor, Co. Down died on S.S. Rutland when it came under attack from a German U-Boat on 31st October 1940.


George Holden Baird

George Holden Baird was born in Bangor, Co. Down, and lived in present-day Guyana during the Second World War. He died when S.S. Rutland came under attack from a U-Boat.

Civilian George Holden Baird died on 31st October 1940 aged 39 years old. Commonwealth War Graves list his last address as 67 Camp Street, Georgetown, British Guiana. He was the son of the late Robert Baird and Eliza Baird (née McClay) of 15 Farnham Park, Bangor, Co. Down.

George married Lily Downing Moores married in 1933 in St. Mary’s Parish Church, Moston, Manchester, Lancashire, England.

George was a passenger on S.S. Rutland when U-124, under the command of Georg-Wilhelm Schulz, launched a torpedo attack. Torpedos struck the British Cargo Steamer laden with Bauxite and Charcoal at 2158hrs on 31st October 1940. The vessel left Demerara in present-day Guyana on 10th October 1940. It stopped in Bermuda on 18th October 1940 before continuing on in the direction of Larne, Co. Antrim, straggling behind Convoy HX-82.

S.S. Rutland went down in less than 30 seconds across 100 miles north-west of Rockall. Master Robert N. Sinclair, 23 crew members, 1 Gunner, and 4 passengers including George Holden Baird died as a result of the sinking.