West Belfast in the Second World War

West Belfast was home to Northern Ireland's only recipient of the Victoria Cross during the Second World War. The area escaped the worst of the Blitz.

West Belfast


Northern Ireland

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the area's Second World War heritage.

Map showing Albert Street, Belfast

Albert Street, Belfast


During the Second World War, Albert Street ran from the factories at the city centre end of the street to the residential neighbourhoods of the Falls Road.

Map showing Clonard Gardens, Belfast

Clonard Gardens, Belfast


Clonard Gardens in West Belfast was the site of Clonard Monastery where Catholic and Protestant neighbours sheltered together during the Belfast Blitz.

Map showing Durham Street, Belfast

Durham Street, Belfast


Durham Street runs from Divis Street, Belfast towards the city centre. It ends at the Boyne Bridge, which connects the street to Sandy Row.

Map showing Falls Road, Belfast

Falls Road, Belfast


The Falls Road in West Belfast runs from Divis Street to Andersonstown. It was originally a country lane, which expanded greatly in the late 19th century.

Map showing Ohio Street, Belfast

Ohio Street, Belfast


Ohio Street runs between Cambrai Street and Chief Street. The area suffered greatly during the Belfast Blitz and a plaque remembers those who died there.