Falls Road, Belfast

The Falls Road in West Belfast runs from Divis Street to Andersonstown. It was originally a country lane, which expanded greatly in the late 19th century.

Falls Road


BT12 6BE

Northern Ireland

The Falls Road in West Belfast runs from Divis Street in the city centre to the suburbs of Andersonstown. The name comes from the Irish Túath na bhFál meaning the territory of the enclosures.

It is usually referred to as “The” Falls Road but was once known as The Pound. This predominantly Nationalist area runs along peace lines separating it from the Loyalist Shankill Road. The original road was once a country lane but it grew in the late 19th century as the city’s population expanded. Many of the small terraced streets took their names from characters and battles in the Crimean War.

Before the 1970s, the Falls Road in Belfast was less of an Irish Nationalist area than some other parts of Northern Ireland. It always maintained a strong working-class, socialist tradition. The area saw some of the worst of what became known as “The Troubles”.

During the Second World War, the road included many educational establishments and churches. The Protestant churches have now fallen away and building repurposed. Today, those interested in wartime history can visit the city’s main cemeteries at Belfast City Cemetery and Milltown Cemetery.

Falls Road in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
1 New Northern Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd. Flax Spinners and Linen Manufacturers
3 Vacant Ground
5 J McGarvey Cycle Depot
7 B Turner Fruiterer
9 Sarah O'Sullivan Restaurant
11-13 New Northern Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd. Flax Spinners and Linen Manufacturers
15-17 Belfast Corporation Public Baths
19 J & TM Greeves Ltd.
21 Vacant
23 G Cunningham Tobacconist
25 John Shannon Tailor
27 Joseph Hughes
29 Vacant
31 Edward Kelly Chemist
33 McQuade
35 Diamond Picture House
39 JJ O'Kane Publican
41 M Sullivan Painter
41 TV Sullivan Solicitor
43 Brother Gildas
45-47 Vacant Ground
49 Carnegie Library No. 2 Branch
51-53 JG Ryan Surgeon
51-53 JF Harrington Surgeon
55 A Maginnis
57 Patrick Burns Salesman
59 Peter McParland Salesman
61 St. Finian's Public Elementary School
63 Convent of the Sisters of Bon Secours
65 Glen Laundry
67 D McCann Flesher
69 R Morath Optician
71 CJ Cunningham Health Insurance Society Secretary
73 E Gilliland Provision Merchant
75 James McKenna Publican
77 J Totten Hairdresser
79 Miss M Moore Poultry and Cooked Meats
81 E Murray Fruiterer
83 George Logan
85 D Sinclair Publican
87 J McLaughlin Confectioner
89 Alice Cairns
91 J Kennedy Proprietor of The Sports Bar
93-95 Munster and Leinster Bank Branch Office
93 J Cavanagh Surgeon
93 JA Kane Surgeon
97 Catherine Mackin Publican
99 E McCabe Newsagent
101 Falls Road Post Office
103 Dunville Medical Hall Ltd.
105 Hugh Rice Fruiterer
107 Regina Coelia Women's Hostel
109 E Blaney Confectioner
111 Patrick McKenna Dealer
113 Felix Beagon Publican
115 Philip Fusco
117 J McConnell Teacher
119 Joseph Boylan Store Man
121 FL Wynne Doctor
123 S McPeake Drug Store
125 St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church
127 Daniel McSparran Doctor
129 OB Maginness Accountant
131 Miss J McEntee Teacher
133 St. Catherine's Public Elementary School
125-137 Dominican Convent and St. Dominic's High School
139 Occupied
141 WG Deeny Doctor
143 J McKenna
145 M Brady
147 Mrs Mary J Simpson
149 Mary Ann Traynor
151 John Barr Teacher
153 Henry Walls Music Teacher
155 Magaret Mulholland
157 John O'Kane Teacher
159 Patrick Collins Salesman
161 A McGowan
163 Mrs Sarah Kennedy
165 B Davey
167 Mrs A McNamee
169 Store
171 Miss Rose Hilland
173 MJ Fahey Carrier
175 Mrs Annie Rea
177 Joseph Crozier Checker
179 John McCrory Guard
181 Mrs McAvoy
183 James McAllister Teacher
185 JP McPeake Electrician
187 Joseph Sharkey
189 D Charlton Commercial Traveller
191 St. Mary's Training College
193 HP McKeown and Sons Spirit Merchants
196 Edward Magill Hairdresser
197 Arthur Fagan Newsagent
199 Charles O'Kane Grocer and Broadway Post Office
199a Mrs O'Reilly
201-203 M Meleady Fruiterer
205 Mary Breen Confectioner
207 M Connolly Grocer
209 Oliver McCartney Butcher
211 LP Maguire Outfitter
213 Bridget Haran Draper
215 J&J Wilson Butchers
217 Kennedy and Co. Grocers
219 John Toner Butcher
221 J Corscadden Bootmaker
223-225 Cecelia McKegney Draper
227 Albert Fusco Confectioner
229 Vacant
231 Samuel Douds Dentist
233 J McCormick Surgeon
235 HW Shanahan Bus Inspector
237 E O'Kelly Spirit Merchant
239 Miss Rose Miskelly
241 Mrs Mary E Murphy
243 Ellen SC Meleady Fruiterer
245 Margaret Fitzsimons Teacher
247 A Halpen
249 D Daly Automobile Engineer
251-255 Vacant Ground
257-259 AH Ferran Newsagent
261 J Mulholland Confectioner
263 Crilly and Quinn Ltd. Chemists
265 John Gorman Bread Server
267 Miss Lizzie McMahon
269 Miss Catherine Brown
271 Miss M Mulgrew
273 Mrs C Wilson
275 Air Raid Precautions Post
337a John Campbell Caretaker
339-445 Beechmount
339-445 Our Lady's Hospital
339-445 Beech Cottage
445 P Corrigan Contractor
447 John McGivern Fruiterer
449 Mrs Mary Rogan
451 Mrs Mary G Giles
453 J McGivern Bootmaker
455 Mrs Orange
457 Miss C Dobbin
459 Mrs Ann Jane Reid
461 Francis O'Neill Linen Finisher
463 George McCreesh Agent
465 Occupied
467 St. James' Park Post Office
469 JJ Wright Clerk
471 Mrs Connolly
473 Michael Toner Publican
475 P Faloon Sorter
477 Arthur Joseph O'Neill Confectioner
479 Charles A Quinn Chemist
481 James Cleary Grocer
483 Mrs Elizabeth Byrne Outfitter
485 Miss M Preece Bakery
487 RG Barr Dental Surgeon
489 H Greenwood Confectioner
491 Francis O'Neill Publican
493 Miss M Flanigan
495 Occupied
497 Catherine Molloy Nurse
499 Isaac Murray
501 Mrs Mona Sheehan
503 PJ McKenna Butcher
505 Mrs Fahy
507 M McCann Fruiterer
509 G&D McCann Sculptors
511 The Belfast Cemetery
513 Falls Park
515 R Stephenson Gate Lodge
517 Belfast Corporation Falls Road Tramway Depot
519 Royal Ulster Constabulary Barracks
521 Joseph Goss Civil Servant
523 Mrs Heaney
525 Andersonstown Post Office
527 G Glennon Secretary
529 Edward McCotter Joiner
531 Vacant Ground
533 Miss R Cowan
535 O Muldoon Hairdresser
537 Vacant Ground
537 Old School House Air Raid Precautions Post and First Aid Point
539 A McNamee Corporation Official
541 Mrs Margaret Lennard "Mar-Leo"
543 Mrs M Elliott "Marie Villa"
545 C Quinn Chemist
547 Miss Kerr "Cataroga"
549 Miss Donnelly "Sunnyridge"
551 Joseph Hegarty Publican
553 Patrick Shearer Butcher
555 Elizabeth McAnerney "Kernon"
557 G Hanna Air Raid Precautions Warden
559 Edward Maguire Civil Servant
561 James Tohill Wine Merchant
563 Charles Higgins
565 Mrs J O'Brien "St. Anne's"
567 JA Sweeney
569 Charles McGovern Cattle Dealer
571 Vacant
587 Thomas Hanratty
589 A Norrall Labourer
591 J Robinson Labourer
593 Joseph Tottan
2 Patrick Byrne Publican
4-6 A Tougher Pawnbroker
8 Patrick Dean Butcher
10 P Doherty Paper Ruler
12 James McKeown Confectioner
14 John Trainor Fancy Goods
16-18 L McElhill Publican
20 Mrs Elizabeth Burke
22 Catherine Martin Confectioner
24 Joseph MCourt Hairdresser
26-28 L Maguire
30 Vacant
32 B Faloone
34 JM Smyth Pawnbroker
36 J McKenzie Boot Shop
38 James Doyle Baker
40 Alexander McCormick Confectioner
42 Joseph McAlea Provision Merchant
44 Cormack Brady
46 Coyle Brothers Wine and Spirit Merchants
48 J Hodgson Draper
50 E Kavanagh Flesher
52 Thomas Harvey Fruiterer
54 Frank O'Hanlon Boot Repairer
56-58 Edmond Hudgson
60 Vacant
62 Mary S Pender Store
64 RC Jeffers Chemist
66 S Webb Butcher
68 ET Trodden Hairdresser
70 Miss Susan Cochrane
72 Bernard Magee Fruiterer
74 Catherine O'Hara Draper
76 Vacant
78 James McKenna Grocer
80 P Ferrie Confectioner
82 Vacant
84 Julius Hodes
86 I Barnes Stationery
88 L Haughey Publican
90 PJ McGrath
92 Patrick J McGrath Draper
94 Belfast Co-Operative Society Ltd. Grocery
98-100 National Bank Ltd. Branch Office
102 Thomas McShane Grocer
104 James Birmingham Electrician
106 Joseph McIlroy Confectioner
108 G Cunningham Fruiterer
110-112 A&P Lavery Pawnbrokers
114-116 M Hamill Publican
118 Owen Fearon Fruiterer
120 John McGivern Bootmaker
122 Catherine McGee Confectioner
124 Francis Kane Hairdresser
126 F Dalzell Draper
128 Daniel McAuley Draper
130 J Darragh Wall Papers
132 Miss R McQuillan
132 Robert McCann
132 Thomas Kane Labourer
132 G McWilliams
132 Bernard McCabe Labourer
134 M Rice Fishmonger
136 Henry Hoey
138 West Belfast Social Club
138a Clonard Mineral Water Co.
140 Clonard Picture House
142 Mrs S Galway Outfitter
144 John O'Hare Butcher
146 Mrs Catherine Hill
150 M Kilfeather Grocer
152 William Shannon Butcher
154 Daniel McGeown
156 P Rafferty China Merchant
158 Sarah Reid Supper Saloon
160 Mrs Mary Ward
162 Mrs Barry
164 Miss Margaret McAlinden
164a Joseph Farry Publican
166 James Laverty Confectioner
168 Michael Malecco
170 Cliff Murphy Grocer
172 Dunville Park
176 Falls Road Weighbridge
180 Belfast Hospital For Sick Children
186 MP Bradley Surgeon
188 Joseph Daley Labourer
190 Alfred Leighio Cafe
192 Edward Shields
194 Air Raid Precautions Post
196-198 PF Hynes Publican
200 FJ Boyle Chemist
202 F O'Donnell Confectioner
204 Charles Malone Bootmaker
206 Thomas Black
208 Henry Lavery Butcher
216 Broadway Presbyterian Church
218 Belfast Co-Operative Society Ltd. Grocery
220 Belfast Co-Operative Society Ltd. Butchery
228 J McEneny Tailor
230 Mary Houston
232 PJ Lalor Bread Server
234 Miss A O'Kane
236 R Austin Clerk
238 EM Kelly Bakery
240 Patrick McKenna Provision Merchant
242 Elizabeth Conway
244 Henry Neeson Baker
246 TJ Maginnis Baker
248 Edward Loughran Postman
250 James Toner Butcher
252 John McDonnell Builder
260 Mary Dempsey
262 Mrs J Brady
264 Bridgett McManus
266 J Kelly Solicitor
268 P McGouran Inspector
268 GJ McGouran Doctor
270 Edward Sreenan Cashier
272 D Brady
272 Willowbank Play Centre
274 Joseph Coyle Confectioner
276 Stewarts' Cash Stores
278 Glove Laundry and Dye Works Ltd.
278 Broadway Picture House
280 Mrs C MacKenzie Confectioner
282-370 Vacant Ground
370 De La Salle Brothers
372 A Connolly and Co. Garage
374 Edward Kelly
376 J Mackle
378 C&F Ferguson Grocers
380 Patrick Torney Fruiterer
382 James Bateson Joiner
384 Edward McFall
386 Henry Crealey Doctor
388 Thomas Mawhinney
390 W Donnelly Inspector
392 Mrs Yarr
394 Patrick McGinley Grocer
396-398 Joseph Raffo Cafe
400 JJ McKenna
402 D McKeown Spirit Merchant
404 Miss E Gilliland
406 Mrs E Sadlier
408 Mrs Lena McNamee
410 Francis Hanna Solicitor
412 Michael Hanna
414 Francis L Hopkins
416 Mrs M Montague
418 Hugh Sheehan
420 Mrs Doyle
422 Mrs Murray
424 MJ Finnegan Flesher
426 James Patrick O'Sullivan Civil Servant
428 Mrs E Clarke
430 John McManus Motor Man
432 Benigious Clark Teacher
434 Miss Mary Owens
436 J Shields Fitter
438 Patrick Finnigan Traveller
440 James Jordan
442 Miss M O'Reilly
444 St. John's Roman Catholic Church
446 St. Kevin's Public Elementary School
464 St. John's Roman Catholic Presbytery
502 Frank J McAleenan Sculptor
504 Mrs Hannah Dunlop
506 Michael J Quinn School Attendance Officer
508 James Brady Hairdresser
510 Henry Gullery Engineer
512 Patrick Burns
514 Mary McNeil
516 Joseph Barry Clerk
518 Charles Jenkins Motor Man
520 P McGowan Clerk
522 Miss Mary Patterson
524 Patrick McShane
524 St. Patrick's Industrial School
526 Milltown Roman Catholic Cemetery
528 Edmund Collins Cattle Dealer
528 R Bell Fireman
528 Patrick Cregan
528a Broadway Lawn Tennis Club
530 Workshop
532 William Ferris Linen Lapper
574 Robert Diamond Dairy
576 McGovern's Farm
578 JG Ryan Doctor

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the road's World War Two heritage.

Map showing A.R.P. Post, 194 Falls Road, Belfast

A.R.P. Post, 194 Falls Road, Belfast

194 Falls Road, Belfast

The Red Devil Bar stands at 196-198 Falls Road, Belfast today but in 1943, part of the site at what was then No. 194 was in use as an A.R.P Post.

Map showing A.R.P. Post, 275 Falls Road, Belfast

A.R.P. Post, 275 Falls Road, Belfast


The Falls Community Council stands at 275-277 Falls Road, Belfast today but in 1943, part of the site at what was then No. 275 was in use as an A.R.P Post.

Map showing A.R.P. Post and First Aid Point, Falls Road, Belfast

A.R.P. Post and First Aid Point, Falls Road, Belfast

537 Falls Road, Belfast

The Felons' Club stands at 537 Falls Road, Belfast today but in 1943, the site was that of the Old School House, an A.R.P Post and First Aid Point.

Map showing Belfast City Cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast

Belfast City Cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast

511 Falls Road, Belfast

Belfast City Cemetery on the Falls Road in West Belfast is the final resting place of many victims of the Second World War and the Belfast Blitz of 1941.

Map showing Falls Road Baths, Falls Road, Belfast

Falls Road Baths, Falls Road, Belfast

15-17 Falls Road, Belfast

On 16th April 1941, in the aftermath of the Belfast Blitz, volunteers worked through the day laying out the dead in the Falls Road Baths in West Belfast.

Map showing Milltown Cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast

Milltown Cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast

546 Falls Road, Belfast

Milltown Cemetery in West Belfast has become synonymous with Irish Nationalism and Republicanism but people from all walks of life are buried here.