Royal Navy

Fleet Air Arm

H.M. Submarine Parthian

H.M.L.S.T. 404

H.M.S. Asturias

H.M.S. Asturias came under attack from an Italian submarine off the coast of Sierra Leone on 3rd August 1943. The graves of 2 crew members are in Belfast.

H.M.S. Campania

H.M.S. Caroline

H.M.S. Caroline was a survivor of the Battle of Jutland. During the Second World War, the vessel served as a Naval administrative headquarters in Belfast.

H.M.S. Gloucester

H.M.S. Gloucester went down on 22nd May 1941 after a Luftwaffe attack in the Mediterranean causing great loss of life including Ulster-born crew members.

H.M.S. Kite

H.M.S. Meteor

H.M.S. Nairana

HM Submarine Tigris

HM Submarine Unique

HMLCT 2454

HMS Arbiter

HMS Barnstone

HMS Bonaventure

HMS Cairo

HMS Churchill

HMS Cleopatra

HMS Copra

HMS Cormorant II

HMS Dasher

HMS Diamond

HMS Dorsetshire

HMS Drake

HMS Gipsy

HMS Grove

HMS Hermes

HMS Jaguar

HMS Jupiter

HMS Jupiter was a Royal Navy vessel engaged in the Battle of the Java Sea in 1942 when it struck a mine laid by a Dutch Minelayer off the coast of Java.

HMS Lapwing

HMS Lapwing, a converted Black Swan Sloop, brought US Army troops to Omaha Beach on D-Day and served in the Arctic Convoys until its sinking in March 1945.

HMS Mahratta

HMS Merganser

HMS Mersey

HMS Mourne

HMS Newark

HMS Pegasus

HMS President III

HMS Ranpura

HMS Royal Arthur

HMS Royal Oak

HMS Sarawak

HMS Southern Breeze

HMS Springbank

HMS Stag

HMS Suffolk

HMS Trinidad

HMS Tynedale

HMS Vengeance

HMS Victory

HMS Violet

HMS Vortigern

HMS Warwick

On 20th February 1944, the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Warwick (D25) went down after coming under attack from U-413 around 15 off Trevose Head, Cornwall.

HMS Whitaker


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