Canadians in wartime Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and Canada have many historic links. Between 1939 and 1945 there were many Canadians in wartime Northern Ireland. These are their stories.

Short Sunderland NJ175 crash at Cashelard, Co. Donegal

Short Sunderland NJ175 crash at Cashelard, Co. Donegal


12th August 2016

Short Sunderland NJ175 was one of many flying boats operating from Castle Archdale, Co. Fermanagh in the hands of the Royal Canadian Air Force 422 Squadron.

Chance Vought Corsair JT357 crash at R.A.F. Ballyhalbert, Co. Down


8th September 2017

On 8th September 1945, the pilot of Chance Vought Corsair JT357 crash-landed and burned out 5 miles south-by-southwest of R.A.F. Ballyhalbert, Co. Down.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Daniel Archibald Brand

Flight Sergeant | R/119996

Flight Sergeant Daniel Archibald Brand served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He died on 20th January 1942 when RAF Bristol Beaufort L9828 came down.

Frederick Dick Butland

Flying Officer | J/20423

Flying Officer Frederick Dick Butland of the Royal Canadian Air Force died when Vickers Wellington HF838 came down near RAF Limavady in Co. Londonderry.

Evan Campbell Devine

Flight Lieutenant | J/5705

Flight Lieutenant Evan Campbell Devine, known as Cam, died on 12th August 1944 when Short Sunderland NJ175 crashed after taking off from Castle Archdale.

Louis Romeo Dubuc

Louis Romeo Dubuc

Flight Lieutenant | C/1520

A former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Louis Romeo Dubuc died when Lockheed Hudson AE577 came down in Co. Louth on 27th September 1941.

George William Gerring

Pilot Officer | 90925

Pilot Officer George William Gerring died on 24th June 1944 when Liberator FL977 came down in bad weather on Binevenagh Mountain approaching RAF Ballykelly.

Carlton Stokes Goodenough

Carlton Stokes Goodenough

Flight Sergeant | R/62738

Flight Sergeant Carlton Stokes Goodenough served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He died on 16th March 1942 and is buried in Belfast City Cemetery.

Leslie Arthur Hebenton

Leslie Arthur Hebenton

Pilot Officer | J/88403

Canadian Pilot Officer Leslie Arthur Hebenton died on 20th February 1944 when Mark III Short Sunderland W6028 crashed near RAF St. Angelo, Co. Fermanagh.

James Waclaw Hoba

Warrant Officer Class I | R/103006

Canadian airman James Waclaw Hoba was on a training flight with No. 5 Operational Training Unit when he died northwest of Moira, Co. Down on 17th July 1943.

George Frederick King

Pilot Officer | J/15525

Pilot Officer George Frederick King died on board Consolidated Liberator AL577 on 16th March 1942 when the plane came down near Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.

John Robert Lucas

Flight Sergeant | R78281

Flight Sergeant John Robert Lucas served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War, based in Northern Ireland with RAF 153 Squadron.

Francis Anthony McCluskey

Flight Sergeant

Flight Sergeant Francis Anthony McCluskey of Ballymoney died in the Netherlands on 6th October 1942. His story remained untold for many years.

Bernard Edwin Samuels

Bernard Edwin Samuels

Flight Sergeant | R/117592

Flight Sergeant Bernard Edwin Samuels served in Northern Ireland with the Royal Canadian Air Force as a wireless operator and air gunner with 12 Squadron.

Edwin Archibald Toole

Flight Sergeant | R/53246

Canadian born airman Edwin Archibald Toole was married to Anna Toole of Belfast before his death in the former Yugoslavia on 4th November 1943.

Gordon Elgin Vance

Flying Officer | J/24133

Flying Officer Gordon Elgin Vance (J/24133) was a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He served with Royal Air Force 290 Squadron in Ballyhalbert.

Douglas Williams

Flying Officer | J/15206

Canadian Flying Officer Douglas Williams died on 12th June 1943 when his De Havilland Tiger Moth X5045 came down in the ground of Stormont Estate, Belfast.

Wilfred Clark Wallace

Warrant Officer Class I | R/134952

Warrant Officer Class I Wilfred Clark Wallace died on 24th June 1944 when Liberator FL977 came down on Binevenagh Mountain approaching RAF Ballykelly.

Canadian Army

James George Byron

Private | A/11283

Private James George Byron served in both world wars. He died in Belfast serving with the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps on 21st August 1942.

Hill Hamilton

Sergeant | H/7091

Sergeant Hill Hamilton of Ballymena, Co. Antrim died on 9th October 1944 serving in Royal Canadian Infantry Corps during the Second World War.

Sergeant Joshua Liggett DCM

Joshua Liggett DCM

Private | 6114

Joshua Liggett DCM of Portadown, Co. Armagh died on 21st March 1968 in Canada having served Britain in The Great War and Canada the Second World War.

Joseph Baird McIlreavey

Lance Sergeant | B/11124

Lance Sergeant Joseph Baird McIlreavey, born in Co. Londonderry, served in the Royal Canadian Artillery at the time of his death in Belgium on 11th October 1944.

William Moulds

Special Constable

Special Constable WIlliam Moulds died on 8th September 1940 after joining the Local Defence Volunteers. He served in the Canadian Infantry in World War One.

Allan Norris

Sapper | M/54222

Allan Norris descended from a family based in Ballymartin, Co. Down but he served in the Royal Canadian Enginners at the time of his death on 1st July 1944.

John Robert Townshend


Captain John Robert Townshend served in the Royal Canadian Artillery during the war. He was born in the United Kingdom and was killed on the SS Nerissa.

Royal Canadian Navy

Telegraphist John Charles Griffon Comish

John Charles Griffon Comish

Telegraphist | V/56416

Telegraphist John Charles Griffon Comish served in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve at his time of death on 11th April 1945 on HMCS Strathadam.

James Thorpe Friend

Telegraphist | V/52131

Telegraphist James Thorpe Friend served in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve when a tragic incident unfolded on HMCS Strathadam on 11th April 1945.

Lieutenant John Alan Schwarz

John Alan Schwarz


Lieutenant John Alan Schwarz served with the Royal Canadian Navy and was one of seven officers killed onboard HMS Whitaker off the coast of Ireland in 1944.

Canadian Merchant Navy

James Whittle

Second Engineer Officer

Second Engineer Officer James Whittle was born in Portadown, Co. Armagh in 1900 He died while serving in the Canadian Merchant Navy on 19th June 1940.

Canadians in the Allied Forces

William Elliot Fraser


Surgeon William Elliot Fraser was born in London, Ontario, Canada but lived in Bangor, Co. Down. He died soon after the Second World War.

Gordon Leslie MacIntyre DFC

Flight Lieutenant | 42718

Canadian Flight Lieutenant Gordon Leslie MacIntyre DFC married a WRN from Coleraine, Co. Londonderry only 6 months before his death on 29th April 1943.

Dermot Michael Power

Able Seaman | P/JX 200120

Able Seaman Dermot Michael Power was a Canadian seaman in the Royal Navy. He died on 2nd November 1941 and is buried in Belfast City Cemetery.