Cambes-en-Plaine War Cemetery, Normandy, France

Cambes-en-Plaine War Cemetery is the final resting place of 8 men with connections to Northern Ireland who died during fighting in tNormandy after D-Day.

Cambes-en-Plaine War Cemetery

19 Rue du Mesnil Ricard





Ulstermen in Cambes-en-Plaine

This Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery is the final resting place of 8 men with connections to Northern Ireland.

Last Name First Name(s) Rank Date of Death Grave
Hewitt Albert Private 9th July 1944 E.8
Hollingsworth Anthony Howard Lieutenant 8th July 1944 B.17
Kane William Henry Rifleman 7th June 1944 G.16
McCormick Bernard Private 8th July 1944 G.8
Patterson John Rifleman 9th June 1944 C.16
Patton Richard George Rifleman 9th June 1944 G.4
Rice William John Rifleman 9th June 1944 G.6
Smallman Denis Harold Lieutenant 8th July 1944 G.2

Antony Howard Hollingsworth

Lieutenant | 299319

Antony Howard Hollingsworth married Hazel Lilian Kerr in Northern Ireland before his death while serving during the Battle of Normandy on 8th July 1944.

Bernard McCormick

Private | 1524125

Private Bernard McCormick of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry died on 8th July 1944 during 7th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment's time in Normandy, France.

John Patterson

Rifleman | 7020205

Rifleman John Patterson died on 9th June 1944 during fierce fighting with the Royal Ulster Rifles at Cambes-en-Plaine following the Invasion of Normandy.

Richard George Patton

Rifleman | 6979411

Rifleman Richard George Patton from Co. Armagh died of wounds inflicted on 9th June 1944 during fighting outside the village of Cambes in Normandy, France.

William John Rice

Rifleman | 7011646

Rifleman William John Rice of Belfast died on 9th June 1944 while serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles at Cambes Woods in Normandy, France.

Denis Harold Smallman

Lieutenant | 247203

Lieutenant Denis Harold Smallman died on 8th July 1944 as 7th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment fought in the Battle of Normandy a month after D-Day.