Milltown Cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast

Milltown Cemetery in West Belfast has become synonymous with Irish Nationalism and Republicanism but people from all walks of life are buried here.

Milltown Cemetery

546 Falls Road


BT12 6EQ

Northern Ireland

Milltown Cemetery lies in the townland of Ballymurphy, Belfast. The large Roman Catholic burial ground is between the Falls Road and the M1 motorway.

Milltown Cemetery opened in 1869 as Belfast’s Catholic population grew. It is sometimes portrayed as a Nationalist or Irish Republican graveyard. Most of the dead, though, are ordinary everyday Catholics from the Belfast area. In total, more than 200,000 people lie at rest in Milltown.

There are three large open areas about the size of a football pitch designated as poor ground. 80,000 people lie here. Many of them died in the great influenza pandemic of 1919.

Commonwealth War Graves in Milltown Cemetery

There are 52 Second World War Commonwealth War Graves Commission graves in Milltown Cemetery. Another 8 graves are those of foreign nationals who died on service in Northern Ireland. The focal point is a Cross of Sacrifice and a Screen Wall Memorial listing service people with unmarked graves. Vandals set fire to this memorial in 2017 causing scorch damage.

Last Name First Name(s) Rank Date of Death Grave Reference
Adamowicz Klemens Sergeant 20th December 1943 A.LG.45
Adams John Gerald Patrick Sergeant 25th April 1943 B.K.97
Boyle John Fusilier 23rd December 1940 B.D.94
Brennan Patrick Joseph Fireman 12th November 1941 A.SF.52
Cassidy Francis Able Seaman 12th May 1946 A.QF.41
Charleton Robert Christopher Aircraftman 1st Class 11th May 1940 B.YB.71
Clifford James Fusilier 14th December 1945 A.LG.44
Corrigan Owen Guardsman 30th July 1944 A.LF.39
Cosgrove James Patrick Leading Aircraftman 2nd November 1946 B.SF.19
Cush Felix Fireman and Trimmer 6th June 1946 B.DG.45
Czerniawski Stanislaw Platoon Leader 20th December 1943 A.LG.46
Devery Keith Thomas Sergeant 15th May 1943 A.LG.40
Donnelly Bernard Private 20th January 1940 A.AG.37
Duffy Patrick Private 18th April 1941 B.HF.24
Fogarty Patrick Greaser 7th September 1947 B.Z.206
Harte Edward Able Seaman 22nd October 1940 B.NG.46
Hefferlin John Rifleman 16th March 1941 A.LG.37
Hoba James Waclaw Warrant Officer Class I 17th July 1943 A.LG.43
Holmes Richard Kevin Flight Sergeant 15th May 1943 A.LG.41
Keane Thomas Corporal 5th May 1941 A.LG.Memorial
Kearney James Private 26th May 1945 A.LG.50
Kiernan Francis Joseph Stoker 1st Class 21st January 1946 B.MA.201
Kowalewicz Pawel Platoon Leader 20th December 1943 A.LG.47
Leen Thomas John Rifleman 24th January 1941 A.LG.36
Lewandowski Edward Corporal 30th April 1942 A.LG.39
Leyden Patrick Pearse Craftsman 8th May 1944 B.OB.213
Lugowski Kazimierz Senior Private 20th December 1943 A.LG.49
Lunney Thomas Leading Aircraftman 22nd July 1947 B.T.105
MacArdle Arthur Aloysius Sergeant 24th May 1944 B.OA.103
Mohan James Donkeyman 18th September 1940 B.OF.50
Moore Bernard Private 20th July 1940 B.LG.55
Moore James Simon Private 5th May 1941 A.LG.Memorial
Morris John Private 7th September 1943 A.KA.77
McAlister Samuel Patrick Corporal 9th September 1941 B.RB.208
McAllister (Served as Short) John Driver 31st May 1942 A.HG.13
McAnulty Daniel Joseph Lance Sergeant 26th November 1941 A.DF.53
McCorry Terence Sergeant 14th November 1941 A.KF.65
McCullough John Coard Driver 30th April 1945 A.KF.65
McDonald Randall Leading Aircraftman 10th March 1946 B.RA.220
McGennity William H Rifleman 16th April 1941 B.NG.26
McGivern Robert Private 19th September 1943 A.HG.45
McIlwee John Rifleman 31st May 1944 B.ZF.38
McIntyre John Joseph Gunner 30th July 1945 B.ZF.50
McKearnon Charles Private 5th September 1947 B.NA.56
McKenna Francis Private 18th September 1942 B.VC.65
McKenna Owen Greaser 30th March 1944 B.HA.90
McLarnon Paul Sergeant 3rd September 1942 B.VA.93
McMahon Denis Giles Trooper 23rd April 1942 B.Z.73
O'Brien John Corporal 27th May 1943 A.LG.42
O'Malley Francis Gerald Flight Sergeant 1st February 1944 A.DF.33
Osben James Private 5th May 1941 R.LG.Memorial
Pietrzak Wincenty Corporal 20th December 1943 A.LG.48
Pudelko Jozef Antoni Corporal 23rd April 1942 A.LG.38
Rafferty Thomas Private 7th November 1940 A.TF.30
Reilly Charles Greaser 20th February 1941 B.SF.41
Robb William Joseph Fireman 19th December 1943 B.NG.37
Ward William Donkeyman 1st February 1946 A.AF.19
Whinnery Thomas Fusilier 22nd July 1947 B.UF.22
Wright James Corporal 4th March 1944 B.KB.68

Patrick Joseph Brennan


Fireman Patrick Joseph Brennan served on board the Merchant Navy steamer SS Ranger during the Second World War. His grave is in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.

Francis Cassidy

Able Seaman

Able Seaman Francis Cassidy died on 12th May 1946 aged 40 years old. He served in the Merchant Navy onboard the Harland and Wolff built MV Wellington Star.

Robert Christopher Charleton

Aircraftman 1st Class | 628854

Aircraftman 1st Class Robert Christopher Charleton died on 11th May 1940 when anti-aircraft fire pierced the body of his plane over Maastricht, Netherlands.

Owen Corrigan

Guardsman | 2721586

Guardsman Owen Corrigan served in 1st Battalion Irish Guards at his time of death on 30th July 1944. His grave is in Milltown Cemetery in West Belfast.

James Patrick Cosgrove

Leading Aircraftman | 546234

Leading Aircraftman James Patrick Cosgrove of Belfast died on 2nd November 1946 having served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Bernard Donnelly

Private | 13007682

Private Bernard Donnelly of Belfast, Co. Antrim served in the Pioneer Corps at his time of death on 20th January 1940. His grave is in Milltown Cemetery.

Patrick Duffy

Private | T/178296

Patrick Duffy served in the Royal Army Service Corps. He died at his home on 18th April 1941 following the Belfast Blitz as a result of gas poisoning.

Patrick Fogarty


Having seen action in The Great War with the Army, Patrick Fogarty from Sailortown, Belfast joined the Merchant Navy in the Second World War.

Edward Harte

Able Seaman | D/JX 192733

Able Seaman Edward Harte died on 22nd October 1940 while training at H.M.S. President III, a Royal Navy shore base in Bristol, England.

John Hefferlin

Rifleman | 7018196

Rifleman John Hefferlin was one of three men from the Royal Ulster Rifles who died in a road vehicle collision on 16th March 1942 at Dunadry, Co. Antrim.

James Waclaw Hoba

Warrant Officer Class I | R/103006

Canadian airman James Waclaw Hoba was on a training flight with No. 5 Operational Training Unit when he died northwest of Moira, Co. Down on 17th July 1943.

Thomas Keane

Corporal | 13058605

Coproral Thomas Keane served with the Pioneer Corps at No. 24 British General Hospital, Belfast, Co. Down at his time of death in the Blitz of 5th May 1941.

Francis Joseph Kiernan

Stoker 1st Class | D/KX89844

Stoker 1st Class Francis Joseph Kiernan died on 21st January 1946 in Belfast, Co. Antrim. He was injured while serving with the Royal Navy in Singapore.

Thomas John Leen

Rifleman | 7020081

Rifleman Thomas John Leen died on 24th January 1941 aged 19 years old. Although born in Liverpool, England, his place of death was Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Thomas Lunney

Leading Aircraftman | 1063465

Leading Aircraftman Thomas Lunney died on 22nd July 1947 after contracting pulmonary tuberculosis while serving in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Arthur Aloysius Macardle

Sergeant | 1136009

Sergeant Arthur Aloysius Macardle from Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 24th May 1944 while on active service with the Royal Air Force in the Second World War.

Samuel Patrick McAlister

Corporal | 632997

Corporal Samuel Patrick McAlister of Belfast died on 9th September 1941 while serving in Cumbria, England with the Royal Air Force.

John McAllister

Driver | T/91029

John McAllister of the Royal Army Service Corps served as John Short. He died on 31st May 1942 and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Daniel Joseph McAnulty

Lance Sergeant | 3241530

Born in Belfast, Lance Sergeant Daniel Joseph McAnulty served with the Royal Ulster Rifles in the U.K. when he died on 26th November 1941.

Terence McCorry

Sergeant | 522577

Sergeant Terence McCorry was an air gunner with RAF 95 Squadron. He served in West Africa in 1941 when he died as a result of action with an enemy plane.

John Coard McCullough

Driver | 13098346

Driver John Coard McCullough lived in Warwickshire, England and served with the Royal Engineers. The Belfast-born soldier died in Wales on 30th April 1945.

Robert McGivern

Private | 5115146

Private Robert McGivern served in 12th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment. He died on 19th September 1943 and his grave is in Belfast.

John McIlwee

Rifleman | 7015235

John McIlwee died on 31st May 1944 while serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles as the unit prepared for the invasion of Normandy, France.

John Joseph McIntyre

Gunner | 1063465

Gunner John Joseph McIntyre of Belfast died on 30th July 1945 having served in the British Army's Royal Artillery during the years of the Second World War.

Charles McKearnon

Private | 6976146

Private Charles McKearnon of Belfast, Co. Antrim served in the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Sussex) during World War Two. He died after the war in 1947.

Francis McKenna

Private | 7011079

Private Francis McKenna was born in Belfast and served in the Pioneer Corps during the Second World War. He died on 18th September 1942.

Owen McKenna


Greaser Owen McKenna was a member of the Naval Auxiliary Personnel in the Second World War. He died on 30th March 1944 while serving on the HMS Ranpura.

Paul McLarnon

Sergeant | 999862

Sergeant Paul McLarnon served in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He died on 3rd September 1942 when Vickers Wellington DV718 came down in Yorkshire.

James Mohan


Donkeyman James Mohan of Belfast died on 18th September 1940, almost 3 weeks after an attack on the armed cruiser H.M.S. Dunvegan Castle.

James Simon Moore

Private | 13058676

Private James Simon Moore of the Pioneer Corps died at No. 24 British General Hospital, Belfast, Co. Down as the Luftwaffe bombed the city on 5th May 1941.

John O’Brien

Corporal | 7044339

Irish born Corporal John O'Brien died of natural causes on 27th May 1943 while serving with the Royal Irish Fusiliers and billeted in Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

Thomas Rafferty

Private | 2188353

Pioneer Corps Private Thomas Rafferty lived in Bessbrook, Co. Armagh with his wife Nora. He died on 7th November 1940 having served in both World Wars.

Charles Reilly


Greaser Charles Reilly died on 20th February 1941 after SS Housatonic came under Luftwaffe attack. His grave is in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

William Joseph Robb

Fireman | SS Salveda

William Joseph Robb of Belfast, Co. Antrim was 59 years old when he died on board Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship SS Salveda on 19th December 1943.

Thomas Whinnery

Fusilier | 7008439

Fusilier Thomas Whinnery of Belfast died on 22nd July 1947 while serving with the Royal Welch Fusiliers. His grave is in Milltown Cemetery in West Belfast.

Milltown also includes a mass grave of victims of the Belfast Blitz. Many of those killed remained unidentified after the 1941 attacks. A similar mass grave exists in the nearby Belfast City Cemetery. An inscription on the Milltown mass grave reads:

Sacred to the memory of unidentified victims of enemy action. Belfast. April 1941. RIP.

Polish Independence Day at Milltown Cemetery

WartimeNI Photo: The Polish flag flies above the graves of members of the Polish Air Force buried in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast. Photo taken on 11th November 2017. Copyright Scott Edgar.

Polish Airmen in Milltown

These men from the Polish Air Force are laid to rest in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.

Flight Sergeant Klemens Adamowicz

Klemens Adamowicz

Flight Sergeant | P-780537

Flight Sergeant Klemens Adamowicz (P-780537) served as a pilot instructor in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast.

Stanislaw Czerniawski

Stanislaw Czerniawski

Flight Sergeant | P-794362

Flight Sergeant Stanislaw Czerniawski (P-794362) served as a pilot in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast.

Pawel Kowalewicz

Pawel Kowalewicz

Flight Sergeant | P-703968

Flight Sergeant Pawel Kowalewicz (P-703968) served as a wireless radio operator in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast.

Edward Lewandowski

Edward Lewandowski

Sergeant | P-783109

Sergeant Edward Lewandowski served in the Polish Air Force. He was a member of 6 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit operating from Sydenham Airfield, Belfast.

Kazimierz Lugowski

Kazimierz Lugowski

Flight Sergeant | P-703438

Flight Sergeant Kazimierz Lugowski (P-703438) served as a gunner in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast.

Flight Sergeant Wincenty Pietrzak.

Wincenty Pietrzak

Flight Sergeant | P-782657

Flight Sergeant Wincenty Pietrzak (P-782657) served as a gunner in the Polish Air Force and is buried in Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast.

Flight Sergeant Jozef Antoni Pudelko

Jozef Antoni Pudelko

Flight Sergeant | P/781015

Polish Flight Sergeant Jozef Antoni Pudelko served in RAF 309 (Polish) Squadron. He died on 23rd April 1942 when his Westland Lysander crashed in Belfast.

Other graves in Milltown Cemetery

Thomas Murphy


Thomas Murphy served in the 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles during World War Two. After the war, he returned to life in his native Belfast, Co. Antrim.